Announcing Road Coffee Co. Retail Bags


We recently launched our retail coffee bags and we couldn’t be more excited! Creating these bags was an interesting process in itself because it was important for us to capture the essence of Road Coffee Co. in the aesthetic components and overall experience. Though we were eager to start selling retail, we took the time for intentional development, as we didn’t want to compromise in the area of product or packaging.

Parallel to life, we are often tempted to take short cuts and cut corners to speed up the process and get to where we’re going more quickly. But, as we continue to learn, anything worth doing requires dedicated time for research and exploration in order to get the results we’re really seeking.


Road Coffee Co. retail bags come in both 16oz (1lb) and 8oz (1/2lb) bags to suit your lifestyle needs. You can find our retail bags in Saskatoon, SK at Wallstreet Common and a selection of stores and Cafés to be announced soon!


See you on the Road.