A Taste of Saskatchewan

“I need another Affogato now! …Please!”

– This was a phrase we heard countless times throughout the festival.


This year we had the privilege of being a part of the 20th anniversary edition of A Taste of Saskatchewan; a weeklong festival in Kiwanis park (next to the Delta Bessborough). The festival exists to showcase Saskatoon’s beverage and restaurant industry.  

As a new local business we had a wonderful time getting to know people from the other establishments. There was a sense of camaraderie that was unexpected and delightful; many businesses were friendly and helpful in sharing their past experiences and tips for having a successful event!

We had a smaller menu for the festival, which included Affogato (vanilla ice cream and espresso). This was our most popular item, often enjoyed as dessert, “the main course” and sometimes even for breakfast! Some of the other favourites were Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Lattes, Iced Chai Lattes and a classic Americano. 

All is well until something breaks. We had a brief moment of alarm Thursday morning when our main espresso grinder went down. We were on a time crunch with the festival about to start for the day and still hadn’t got it up and grinding! Luckily one of our equipment suppliers at National Cappuccino in Calgary came to our rescue, talking us through how to fix this essential cog in our well-oiled machine over the phone. Within moments we were back to slinging drinks and satisfying the cravings of our soon-to-be caffeinated customers.

Though the Taste of Saskatchewan is all about the food and drinks, it’s nothing without all the people who come and experience it! Thank you to everyone who came out, we are already looking forward to next year!

Festival season continues, with The Broadway Fringe Festival around the corner see you there from July 30th – August 9th.

See you on the Road.