Coffee Mug


The inspiration for starting Road Coffee came to Alisha Esmail as a child. Alisha has always had a passion for fair trade and giving business people an honest price for their goods and services. At Road Coffee Co. we define success by doing what we love. We've made it our mission to become an influential innovator in coffee culture, known for our focus on relationships and inspiring people to pursue their dreams.

Alisha Esmail


Alisha's background in international development increased her passion for working with locals overseas and seeing their product receive the proper payment and recognition it deserves. It was meeting farmers and seeing their hard work first hand that turned her passion into action. This evolved into a decision to start a company that would benefit people in under developed countries, while providing a product that is in high demand in the developed world. Alisha's passion for coffee has been a hobby and consuming interest for over a decade. Through her journey she's learned that there are many variables at every stage of the process, and that each of these play a significant role.

Coffee beans


As a company, we know that understanding and targeting key variables will lead to an excellent product. We've been swept away with the complexity and diversity of flavour that can accompany coffees from different plantations and regions. The design and craft that goes into specialty coffee is something that inspires us to create a quality product while pushing innovation and creating new ways to enjoy it.